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Southeast Alabama Community Foundation Announces and Awards the First of Ten Surprise $1,000 Grants in Honor of 10th Anniversary

This year the Southeast Alabama Community Foundation (SACF) is celebrating its 10th year as an affiliate of the Central Alabama Community Foundation. To commemorate this milestone anniversary, SACF will award 10 surprise grants of $1,000 each to nonprofits in the Wiregrass Region. These grants will be awarded once a month over the course of 2020.

“Community is in our organization’s name for a reason. We are here to serve those in the Wiregrass Region and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years than to do what we do best: providing grants to deserving nonprofits! We are excited to be able to give back to the organizations that have given so much to those in Southeast Alabama so they can continue their missions.” said CACF President Burton Crenshaw

The first nonprofit to receive a 2020 SACF surprise $1,000 grant is The Ark of Dothan. SACF became aware of a burglary that occurred at The Ark of Dothan in early January and wanted to help offset the costs of repair and damages.

“To help people that went through bad situations and hard times,” said Dr.Jeff Peacock, the Executive Director of the Ark Dothan. “Our goal is to see them live those successful productive lives- helping them get a G.E.D, helping them get a driver’s license, helping them find their purpose in life and living out that purpose.”

The Ark Dothan is a place of hope, healing and help. Their mission is to nurture the total need of humanity – mind, body and soul. Their commitment is to guide individuals so that they can discover their God-given purpose and live out that very purpose. The Ark Dothan has a transformational program that provides residency for men and women seeking to overcome homelessness, addiction and/or achieve successful transition from prison. They strive to instill independence, self-sufficiency and purpose. They also have a food program where they provide over 12,000 meals annually and a thrift store where the proceeds fund their programs and mission.

Nonprofit organizations that will receive the surprise grants throughout the year are registered 501(c)(3) entities and located in Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry and Houston counties. CACF or its affiliates do not fund individuals, annual fundraising drives, events or marketing campaigns, religious institutions (although we do support educational and social service programs offered by faith-based organizations), endowments, research, partisan political advocacy, regular operating support or capital projects, or sponsorship of fundraising events.

Central Alabama Community Foundation (CACF) was established in 1987 by a group of local civic leaders. Their vision was to create a permanent charitable foundation to support the work of nonprofits in the Montgomery area. CACF has grown to hold over $74 million in charitable assets. Through its 230+ funds, CACF addresses a wide variety of projects and programs in education, health, human services, cultural arts, recreation, historic preservation and other civic concerns. Each year, the Foundation distributes over $4 million through hundreds of grants and scholarships.

Southeast Alabama Community Foundation (SACF) is a CACF affiliate and offers citizens in the Wiregrass Region the opportunity to build long-term support for their community. SACF serves the five-county Wiregrass Region of Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry and Houston counties. For more information, contact CACF Communication and Marketing Coordinator Chad DuBois by calling (334) 264-6223 or email chad.dubois@cacfinfo.org.

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