Looking Forward.
Giving Back.



Whether you want to give a one-time donation or establish a recurring gift, your contributions are essential to the ongoing community support that is funded through your community foundation. Click the Give button to easily make a secure, online donation of any size. There is no minimum gift. Once you begin, you will be given the option to designate your gift to a specific affiliate or event. Thank you for helping us Look Forward by Giving Back.

10 Reasons to Give Through a Community Foundation

  •  1) We are a local organization with deep roots in the community.
  • 2) Your funds help local people and the local causes you care about most.
  • 3) Your individual charitable and financial interests are tailored through personalized service from our knowledgeable staff.
  • 4) Your donation will receive the maximum tax advantage for most gifts under federal law.
  • 5) Your gift dollars are pooled with other gifts and grants to increase the impact of giving.
  • 6) Your donation is supported by our professional staff with broad expertise regarding community issues and needs.
  • 7) Your endowment funds are built to benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies.
  • 8) Your funds are guided by community leaders who are convening agencies and coordinating resources to create positive change.
  • 9) We accept a wide variety of assets and can make even the most unique forms of giving easy.
  • 10) Your funds benefit partnerships with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving.