Heroes’ Memorial Plaza

A logo for Heroes' Memorial Plaza with a soldier saluting and American Flags

Heroes’ Memorial Plaza is an unincorporated organization formed for the purpose of developing a cohesive community space to honor the service of River Region Veterans and people in Law Enforcement. This project will also include moving existing Veteran and law enforcement related monuments located at the Autauga County Courthouse to this central location, as well as construction of additional monuments to ensure that all branches of the US Military are honored.

Giving Options

Small engraved (4 x 8) brick.

Medium engraved (8 x 8) size brick.

Large engraved (12 x 12) brick.

Large (12 × 12) brick + recognized publicly as official platinum sponsor.

Money will go towards the choice of branch of service flagpole or bench + recognized publicly as official diamond sponsor.

Money will go towards a granite medallion with a branch of service engraved on it + recognized publicly as official medallion sponsor.

Money will go towards the construction of a water fountain cascading behind the monuments + recognized publicly as official fountain sponsor.

All Bricks will have the name of the Veteran, years served, branch of military served, and logo of the branch of service served. Please leave this information in the comment section so that the bricks are properly engraved. Any donation amount that is not listed can always be made using the “Other” box.