Dean B. Albritton Memorial Scholarship

The Dean B. Albritton Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Dean Albritton. Dean Albritton was a fervent follower of Christ. Her journey of faith is well documented in her books, Misplaced Heart and The Yellow Butterfly. Dean’s love of Christ made her passionate about ministry to the poor in her community and across the world. This scholarship will honor Dean’s conviction that education is the pathway out of poverty and the doorway to a life of service to others. The scholarship was created by Dean’s husband, Walter Albritton, and her four sons as a tribute to her remarkable legacy of faith. “For more than 68 years,” Walter said, “Dean served Christ alongside me as an inspiring and encouraging companion in the ministry of our Lord Jesus. She was an authentic servant of Jesus Christ.”

Following are tributes to their mother by her sons:

Dean Albritton was a spirit-filled servant of Jesus Christ. Her passion was to share the Good News of her Lord Jesus Christ. It did not matter who you were, if you had never heard of Jesus she was ready to share the hope that was in her heart. The example she set as a woman of faith will live on forever in the lives she touched. I thank God that I was one of those lives.  – Matt Albritton

Dean Albritton was forever my greatest supporter. I loved, trusted and believed her every word. I always thanked God for the examples she showed me of how to live a good life in Christ. She never stopped being the great encourager of me and my family. I miss so much the beautiful joy of her Christ-filled heart. – Mark Albritton

Dean Albritton was many things to many different people; to me see was a wonderful mother who molded and shaped my life in so many different ways and I am now only discovering the depth of this after her passing. I trust that now through this scholarship she will continue to shape young lives for good. Glory to God for a godly mother. – Tim Albritton

Dean Albritton was a survivor. She dealt with many hopeless situations in her own life and always found hope. This strength held her up but also provided hope to so many thousands of people in her walk on this earth. For her family for sure but so many other hurting people. She was at her best providing healing for the hurting. – Steve Albritton

This memorial scholarship will benefit a graduating senior at schools located in Autauga, Elmore, or Montgomery counties in Alabama. First consideration will be given to minority students associated with the fellowship of the New Walk of Life Church in  Montgomery.