Alliance for Systemic Equity

In the 1990s, thoughtful citizens in Montgomery created Interchange, a community dialogue on promoting understanding and reconciliation between the races. Aided by trained facilitators, the dialogue took place in homes; hosts invited friends, who in turn invited others — and so it grew.

The Alliance for Systemic Equity is an informal network of Montgomery community members. It aims to formulate ways to transform our community into a more deeply equitable, interracially cohesive, dynamic, unified, and prosperous one. Rather than focusing on “eliminating,” “eradicating” or “fighting against” particular practices or conditions, its mission is to articulate – through collaboration, consultation, and reflection – a set of explicitly systemic goals and to devise an actionable vision for more equitable, culturally-appropriate, and lastingly fruitful relations between Montgomery’s ethno-racial groups.

Just as Interchange led to the creation of Envision 2020 – both to the document and to the non-profit effort bearing this name — so too is the Alliance for Systemic Equity tasked with inspiring and informing future community-building non-profit efforts.