Alabama Women’s Tribute State Commission

The Alabama Women’s Tribute Statue Commission was created in 2019 to commission and place statues of Rosa Parks and Helen Keller on the grounds of the Alabama State Capitol. Both Ms. Parks and Ms. Keller are exemplary figures of Alabama’s history of determination and passion.

Rosa Parks’ bravery in the face of the Montgomery Bus Boycott has inspired not only Alabamians but also individuals around the world, to fight for justice in the face of inequality and discrimination.

Similarly, Helen Keller was undeterred by her inability to see and hear. Ms. Keller not only learned to communicate, but she also wrote twelve books and fought for women’s rights to vote. Her unique story of overcoming massive social hurdles has served as an inspiration for people with disabilities and has offered a lesson for all in the capabilities of the human spirit. The legacies of these two women will forever be an integral part of the story of the state of Alabama.

The Commission is currently gathering applications from artists interested in sculpting one or both of the statues. Your gift will help preserve the memory of these two incredible Alabama women for generations to come.