Looking Forward.
Giving Back.


Getting Started

Our staff is here to help you make the most of your charitable giving. Contact us today to set up an appointment. The process is easy and will be similar to the 6 steps below.

  • 1) Determine your charitable goals.
    What type of impact do you want to make in the community? Do you have a favorite cause you want to support or do you want the flexibility to support the emerging needs of your community?
  • 2) Determine what type of fund is best.
    Based on your goals, decide what type of fund works best. Click the Fund Options tab to learn more about the different type of funds. Don’t know what works best? Call us and we can help.
  • 3) Decide what you would like to give.
    Contributions can be made with cash, securities, real estate, property valued and more. Click the Gift Options tab to learn more.
  • 4) Select the name of your fund.
    A fund can be set up in your name, the name of your family or business or in honor of a person or an organization.
  • 5) If creating a Donor Advised Fund, determine who the current and future advisors will be.
    This may include you and your spouse today and your children and grandchildren in the future.
  • 6) Complete and sign a simple governing document.
    Based on the type of fund you are establishing, certain paperwork is required.