CACF Application Process

(For nonprofits serving Montgomery, Lowndes, or Macon counties)

Grants can be the life blood of a community. They provide critical funds for food banks serving people who are currently down on their luck, for libraries and art programs that entertain and educate a city, and for social service programs offering various types of hope and help to individuals. Each year, the Central Alabama Community Foundation and its affiliates (Autauga Area Community Foundation, Elmore County Community Foundation, and Southeast Alabama Community Foundation) distribute millions of dollars semiannually to organizations that touch almost every aspect of life.


Agencies should review the details and determine when and what category for which to apply.  The application process will ONLY be available via the Foundation’s website. No paper applications will be accepted

  • Community Trust Grant minimum award amount will be $5,000.
  • Technical Assistance Grants will follow the same cycle depending on your organization's category. Nonprofits may also apply for one Technical Assistance Grant of up to $2,500 for assistance with Strategic Planning, Organizational/Board Infrastructure, Fund Development, or Marketing/Public Relations.
  • Field of Interest Grants come from funds where donors target their gift to a specific area or issue of concern, such as children, education, arts or senior citizens.
  • Organizations will need to provide a copy of their IRS Letter of Determination for 501(c)3 status.
  • CACF or its affiliates do NOT fund:
    •Annual fundraising drives, events or marketing campaigns
    •Religious purposes (although we do support educational and social service programs offered by faith-based organizations)
    •Partisan political advocacy
    •Regular operating support or capital projects
    •Sponsorship of fundraising events

Cycle Details

Cycle 1: Family Wellness & Education
Opens January 2, 2017 
Closes February 10, 2017
Family Wellness (Family, Medical, and Food) awards May 2017
Education awards August 2017


    • Education
    • Family, Medical, and Food

    Examples of nonprofits that should apply in Cycle 1:

    Does your organization provide training for job skills and placement, offer G.E.D. study courses and testing, and/or improve education in the River Region?

    Does your agency provide counseling, abuse victim support, family/child support services?

    Does your nonprofit focus on improving medical needs to the less fortunate or offer a food bank for the needy?

    Field of Interest Grants for Cycle 1

    Merle S. and Mack C. Hunt Diabetes Fund This grant is to be used to combat the disease or condition of diabetes, including, but not limited to, research and development for that purpose.  The Merle S. and Mack C. Hunt Diabetes fund was established in 1989. Hunt’s wife described him as "a man of many interests.  He owned lots of businesses, was extremely generous to people and gave in a quiet way.  He was a low-keyed man, generous, and enterprising - an entrepreneur." 

    Group Homes for Children This grant shall be used to benefit children eighteen (18) years of age or younger located in Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes, Macon and Montgomery counties.

    Mental Illness Grant  This grant shall be used to support organizations in the Montgomery area whose mission is to support and help those affected by a mental illness condition.  This also includes educating caregivers and/or the public about the condition and its effect.  

Cycle 2: Cultural & Community Enhancement

Opens July 3, 2017 
Closes August 11, 2017 
Social Services, Shelter awards December 2017
Community Building, Arts awards February 2018


  • Community Building, Arts
  • Social Services, Shelter

Examples of nonprofits that should apply in Cycle 2:

Does your organization work to mentor youth or provide youth development services?

Does your agency provide home repairs and shelter for those in need?

Is your group focused on arts education and theatre?

Is your nonprofit’s mission to provide social services such as support for teenage mothers (and their babies) or life skills for youth that “age out” of the foster system?



Grant recipients will be required to complete an online evaluation form at both six months and one calendar year after the receipt of funds. The Foundation will not consider any future grant requests unless the evaluation forms have been completed. Submit Evaluations



Contact Jackie G. Johnson
Vice President, Community Services
Ph: (334) 264-6223
Fax: (334) 263-6225