Getting Started

Our staff is here to help you make the most of your charitable giving. Contact us today to set up an appointment. The process is easy and will be similar to the 6 steps below.

1.DETERMINE YOUR CHARITABLE GOALS.  What type of impact do you want to make in the community? Do you have a favorite cause you want to support or do you want the flexibility to support the emerging needs of your community?
2. DETERMINE WHAT TYPE OF FUND IS BEST. Based on your goals, decide what type of fund works best. See fund options below. Don't know what works best? Call us and we can help.
3. DECIDE WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO GIVE. Contributions can be made with cash, securities, real estate, property valued and more. See gift options to the right.
4. SELECT THE NAME OF YOUR FUND. A fund can be set up in your name, the name of your family or business, or in honor of a person or an organization.
5. If creating a Donor Advised fund, DETERMINE WHO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE ADVISORS will be. This may include you and your spouse today, and your children and grandchildren in the future.
6. COMPLETE AND SIGN A SIMPLE GOVERNING DOCUMENT. Based on the type of fund you are establishing certain paperwork is required.

How It Works






•Private foundations
•Charitable organizations
Gifts come in
different forms:
•Stocks and Bonds
•Real Estate
•Personal property
•Life insurance
•Retirement assets
•Wills/ bequests
Gifts are placed
into a fund:
•Unrestricted (CTGE)
Investment Policy
Spending Policy
Grants to nonprofit
fees to
support CF
These become
foundation assets.
Funds are
governed by
the fund agreement.
fiscal responsibility.

Fulfilling the wishes
of the donor.


By carrying out this full-service operation to the donor, a community foundation makes an impact to the region by providing financial assistance, resources, credibility and lasting positive change.

Fund Options

These options allow you or your clients to establish their own funds to support charitable organizations that they recommend to the Foundation's board. Options including pooling their gifts with others, using funds designated to support public education, cultural arts, neighborhood improvement, and other fields of interest.

Community Trust Grant Endowment Fund (CTGE)

The Community Trust Grant Endowment (CTGE) Fund, or unrestricted fund, began 30 years ago with a vision from local philanthropists to help the Central Alabama Community Foundation address a wide range of needs and pressing issues in our community. Your gift allows us to respond to the community’s needs, today and tomorrow.



Field of Interest (FOI) Funds

Establishing a Field of Interest (FOI) Fund with the Central Alabama Community Foundation allows us to make grants to the organizations and projects in your chosen area of interest. Your gift allows you to identify and support a broad charitable purpose or category of interest, such as the arts, education or human services, or a particular geographic area.



Donor Advised Funds

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund with the Central Alabama Community Foundation allows you to remain actively involved in suggesting uses for your gift. These flexible funds for individuals, families, and businesses are ideal for satisfying a range of community interests.



Restricted Funds

Establishing a restricted fund allows you to support the good work of a specific nonprofit organization – a senior center, museum, or social service agency. Your gift allows you to choose one or more specific charitable organizations to support and CACF will “restrict” grants only to those nonprofit agencies.



Scholarship Funds

Establishing a scholarship fund is an investment in the future.  Your gift can help students achieve their educational goals, while honoring a parent or loved one. You may create a scholarship for students from a particular school, for those attending a specific college or enrolled in a specific area of study.  The Foundation handles the application process and oversees distribution of the awards.


About Our Community Foundation

Central Alabama Community Foundation is a nonprofit philanthropic foundation created by and for the people of central Alabama. Individuals and corporate donors make gifts and bequests of any size for the betterment of our community. Read more about the Central Alabama Community Foundation and its history.





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